Thursday, 29 December 2011

Holiday Rides & Oukaapse Weg

My rides over the last week has been absolutely great. I am on leave so I was able to ride with my brother, Munier, most days. Unfortunately he is still working so most rides start between 5.30 & 6.00 in the morning. Only cyclists will still get out of bed at first light when on holiday. Most of our rides were Level 1 & 2, but as typical guys we were always competitive on the climbs and there were the odd moments where we let loose and took it to the max.

The first climb on next week’s Olympic Cycle Race is up Oukaapse Weg. We rode this climb on 6 of our last 7 rides. Overkill? It is a 5.5km climb from Tokai side. Gradient 6.5%. elev gain 270m. The climb starts 2.5km from start of race – max hr from cold start is my challenge to manage

Oukaapse Weg nestled between Atlantic and Indian Oceans

Oukaapse Weg from the bottom

All the way to the top
 The next challenge on the Olympic Route will be the windy 11.5km stretch from Misty Cliffs to Cape Point, elevation gain of 150m, at points a 2.5% gradient. Saturdays recon of the race route was a good reminder of what to expect on this stretch.

Munier at Cape Point
Stretch from Cape Point all the way to Boyes Drive will be fast.
Last climb on the Olympic race is Boyes Drive, 11km Climb, steepest 9% for 300m.
The best part on Saturday's ride was holding the wheel of 2 guys that were probably 20 years my junior. That diid my ego the world of good.

This morning though, as we were going up Chapmans Peak , just as the climb was kicking in, I could hear a bike picking up pace behind. This guy from Cycle lab racing club came cruising by. I picked up speed to sit on his wheel. He looked good, very lean with defined muscular legs. The numbered plate on his KTM was a clear indicator of his racing pedigree. He had a high cadence and I was matching his cadence and gear choice for a good 5 min. Then he got out of the seat and started some powering pedal strokes that left me for dead.
One day I will meet him at some or other race and thne I will hold and if it is a good day.... I will better his pace.

Munier top of Chapmans Peak

Let's Ride

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