Sunday, 1 January 2012

Last Ride of 2011

It was a 6.30am start to a ride with some of The Hubsa members on 31 December 2011. We exchanged welcome pleasantries at the meeting point and wheels rolled immediately thereafter. There was plenty of chatting and sharing out on the road, and the social aspect of this ride made it the most social ride I have had in 2011. What a way to end a year and start the next. 

It turned into a very lekker experience for me to meet the persons behind the usernames I see on the hub on a regular basis. Being amongst a bunch of riders with goals and ambitions very similar to mine, to be competitive, and to improve in League and Seeding was refreshing and a personal learning in itself.

Meet and Greet

On the road through picturesque Durbanville 

Time for refuelling on the bike

Puncture stop

And a chat
The route was the 123km  99er race route, scheduled for 11 February 2012. The route is 15km longer than 2011's and is noticeably tougher, especially the added rolling hills early on. The heat and wind could also prove to be a challenge on race day. Keep an eye on weather reports, and train to ride in the wind would be advantageous.

To the guys I met on this ride, thanks for the experience and opportunity. I hope to see you at the local races and on the hub. Good luck and success with your cycling.

Lets Ride.

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