Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Got my training Mojo Back

I have successfully managed to bolster my training rhythm over the last 3 weeks (red circle on duration chart below), shaking the prior slump, and incorporating the benefits of training effort post March. This pattern invariably sets up a solid platform for the Build Phase of my programme leading to the Knysna race in July.

Psychologically, it boosts my motivation coffers to keep on pushing my training boundaries, as well as my belief that it will lead to strong performance in the race, and beyond, to the Spring League.

The red circle on my PMC chart shows the effect of the 3 weeks training on my blue fitness line. Still some way to go to the 80 mark, but well on my way there. It is not only about lines on charts, I also feel stronger when cycling and running. I can feel my endurance and my ability to go longer improve, and I am also feeling and seeing improved power output numbers across the range on the bike.

In the week I started my Sufferfest intervals. It was a bit of a mission to get it copied and I still cannot play it on the dvd player, luckily it plays on the ps3. Nevertheless, a worthwhile investment. The music and visuals definitely eliminates the boredom associated with Indoor Training. So much so that I am looking forward to my Sufferfest session tonight.

Red circles on the Sufferfest Graph above highlights the 10 and 8 min intervals. What did concern me was that although my Perceived Effort was in the required training range 8-10, I was struggling to get my Power Output up around the white Threshold line. Normalised Power was 252W, 247W, and 239W, and during my peak in March it was 300W. Significant drop off. Some reasons for this could be,
• Power drop during base phase due to lower intensity training
• Uncomfortable body overheating during session, will use a fan for tonight’s session and gauge improvement
• First interval session in 10weeks

The graph below is from my Saturday long ride.

The Normalised Power reading on these climbs were 312W, 281W, and 250W already a significant improvement from the Sufferfest session.

Over the last couple of weeks, my 2 hr trail run on Sunday mornings have become a staple workout. The scenery and the feeling of being out in nature at sunrise, with its associated freshness and awakening conjures an emotion that fuels so many highs, making it very difficult to describe.

With all my depicted enthusiasm for trail running, I am most definately still a competitive road cyclist.
It has broadened in the last 2 weeks with the formation of a DC Team for the event scheduled in November. A new addition to my Calendar for the year. More on that later.

For now,

Let’s Ride

Friday, 18 May 2012

A Dip in the Training Plan

It has been 5 weeks since my last blog past. My Annual Training Plan has taken a dip followed by a comeback over this period. We celebrated Mishkah 21st, and also had Mom’s Hip operation and house renovations to contend with.

The red highlighted area on the Training Duration Graph indicates a significant drop off from my planned 12-13hr training weeks during Base Phase. My ATP plan targets 500hrs, and the drop off has necessitated a reschedule and reallocation of hours for the remainder of the year. Following the reallocation my 500hr target still feels manageable, attainable and realistic.

The red pointer on the Performance Management Chart indicates a drop off on the blue fitness line. The next race is in July, ample time to restore Fitness. The orange form line has hit a new high, one of the positive outcomes, indicating improved specific muscle recovery. It cannot be claimed as a quality rest period, due to the fact that lots of physical work was required, there were significant disrupted sleep patterns, and increased levels of stress.

The emotional impact of missed workouts over this period was challenging to manage. It initially became a self-destructing spiral, moving between declining training motivation levels, uncaring junk food consumption, weight gain, and associated bloated discomfort. A good thing was taking some quiet time out during this period, and putting it all into perspective. This helped with the sanity and keeping emotions in check.

All is back on track now as can be seen from the charts above. Last week was a 13hr training week, and this week is on schedule to be a 14hr week. Midweek 3-4 hr training days have started to become part of my training routine, which if sustained I am certain will have a significant effect on endurance levels.