Wednesday, 24 July 2013


WOW…  it has been a while since I logged in and now that I have done so, the desire to post an update has been ignited.  There is so much to share that my head is abuzz with where to start, should I do reviews on my new bike and or wheels, or concluding thoughts on last season’s race performance, or goals for coming season, or how social media benefits my cycling, or state of self after rest block. Seeing that the rest block was most recent let me start there.
The first week of July marked 14 weeks of consistent training in the bag since the Argus Cycle Tour. It was a good solid training block, starting with base, culminating with 15min intervals, within a structured framework.
When some important work commitments took preference in my life at the end of June, it was expected that I would experience extreme tiredness by the end of my work audit week. This was accompanied by a total lack of motivation to swing a leg over the saddle. It was time for a rest from my sport, and for the next 2 weeks I left my bike alone. I did occasionally give it an admiring glance, or stroke the handlebar as I walked by.
My rest block coincided with the start of Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month of fasting. This meant that comeback rides would be in the dark predawn hours, allowing sufficient time to have a bite to eat before the fasting day started. Those first rides last week were totally AWESOME. The light rain on those first few mornings made it even more rewarding. I felt very fresh coming back to the road, my mind had been cleared.  My legs felt like they could go and go. The bike felt smooth and svelte. Everything came together so perfectly.
Over the course of a training block I tend to become engrossed in the amount of time I am training, what intensity or zone I am training in, what power profile I am able to attain, what my weight is, and so on. This break has caused me to rethink why I train, and this has created a refreshed approach, filled with a rejuvenated desire for the season ahead.
Do you apply scheduled rest periods in your programme, and how do they work for you?  
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