Saturday, 3 December 2011

Eve of Burger 2011

So the last 13 weeks of training has delivered me to the eve of my next big race, Die Burger 98km.

This mornings 1 hr pre race ride was good even though the strong 30km/hr wind was less than ideal.
The route was flat, out towards Tokai forest past Pollsmoor prison. Put in 3 x 30sec intervals at 90% max HR just to pump it up a bit. Out of saddle sprints felt good. The lighter Michellin Kryllion tyres felt smoother than the Gatorskins. Will keep the Powertap, Mavic Open Pro, Michellin combo for now. Seems to be working.
Not sure what I am gonna do with the Easton's .....

After the ride did some bonsai work, helped me set a calming, stress free mindset for the day.

Nutrition today has been good, healthy eating. Future Health cereal with banana for breakfast, yoghurt and grapes for brunch, rye bread and cheese for lunch, protein shake and then chicken and veg for supper.

Kit is packed for tomorrow, race chip is in bag , race number is pinned, drinks are made

Yeah, I am ready ... even got a haircut :-))

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