Saturday, 7 July 2012

Supersix Makeover

The highlight race for Winter, the 100km Knysna Cycle Challenge is on Sunday, and I have 2 days leave before the road trip on Friday. The ideal time to do some annual maintenance, and give my Cannondale Supersix a general makeover.

I got myself this stand from Arcstands. I decided to support a South African entrepreneur with this purchase instead of going with Park Tools.

Here it (still) looks good, unfortunately it did not last. General build quality is too weak, and hinge design is flimsy. Will try and repair / strengthen it in the weeks ahead once my disappointment therewith has subsided.

The first to go will be these Nokon Cables.

I put them on a year ago, and although they look rather bling they have become an irritation more than a pleasure. The biggest problem I have had with them is the creaking when turning the handlebar. I have on two previous occasions investigated the headset bearings as a possible cause for the creaking, before finding the real culprit.

I have 300hrs on the chain, and 500hrs on gear cluster and chainrings, so I have replacements for them too.

Crank Bearings have been opened up and lubricated recently so I will leave those alone. Headset bearings will get an overhaul too.

And then there is the matter of the wheel upgrade ….

I replaced the cables with a set from Jagwire. I have previously put a set on my Merida and was very impressed with the quality and colour options.

Also added some custom colour with these Hudz.

Oh... have I mentioned the wheel upgrade?

Here is the finished product.... Race Ready !!


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