Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ready for Knysna

It is the week of the Knysna 100km Cycle Race, the only cycle race on my winter Calendar, and 4months since my last race. Next week will also see me entered in a Trail run and the Knysna Half Marathon.

During Autumn and Winter (thusfar) my training has seen some ups and downs, some missing sessions, but in the main it has been consistently good. And I am arriving at the start line fitter and stronger than last year. In great part thanks to the companionship of my training partner, my brother, Munier, and the supportive family and domestic environment created by my wife, Faridah, and daughter, Mishkah .

Kids Birthday moments
The Sunday morning 2hr trail runs have been good, and I will soon need to decide if it will continue with my Spring Training Programme. I believe that it has, improved my aerobic engine, strengthened core muscles in my back and shoulders, strengthened cycling supportive muscles in my Quads, and strengthened calf muscles. It has also strengthened cycling specific muscles by allowing them to recover from cycling related muscular stress while still engaging the body in mid to high intensity exercise. The biggest value has been the stress relief that it generates, and the associated general feeling of well-being.

The release of the Trail
Saturday mornings have been 4hour long rides, at times with the club and or the Double Century Team. The last few have been just Munier and I, as the focus has been to hit the climbs a bit harder. These rides have been very beneficial in building endurance, and quality time in the saddle.

DC team

Munier on Signal Hill
The quality midweek ride has been indoor intervals, this season with the introduction of Sufferfest training dvd’s. These live up well to all the online reviews. The visual footage from mainstream races and road cycling stars, mixed with thumping upbeat music keeps the sessions interesting and does well to combat the boredom factor. The workout value is kept high through the use of cue cards, and is aligned with world leading workout structure.


I will celebrate the level of readiness achieved by taking leave from work for the next 2 days, do some bike maintenance, and unwind from the day to day pressures of work, before the road trip to Knysna on Day 3.

Let's Ride !!!

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