Monday, 16 April 2012

First few weeks of Trail Running

In the week after Argus I started running. The objective had been set months beforehand to start Trail Running as cross training during autumn and winter, to supplement my cycling.

My training plan now included 2 running workouts a week. The midweek workout started in the first week as a 30 min run, building to a 60 min run, and then morphing into a brick session, 1hr bike after work followed by a 1hr run. The weekend workout was a Trail run, initially 1hr and building to a 2.5hr run over a 6-8 week period.

That first 30min run was an unexpected and unusual experience. The last time I had run was 9 years ago, and this time round I was a much fitter in comparison. So my breathing was easy, calm, no burning lungs that I associated with beginner running. My legs however were hurting in unusual places, like in the middle muscle of my quads, whereas the outer part of the quad felt strong and firm. There were isolated muscles throughout my legs, weaker than its neighbors that were feeling the strain of the run.

That weekend Munier and I headed to Tokai for our first trail run. It was primarily a flat route in comparison to the route we have been doing the last 3 weeks, up Constantia Nek. The Constantia Nek route starts from Top Gate, and winds its way up and up. Very challenging on the legs. I can feel my legs getting stronger every week. Munier and I regularly joke about the impact that running on this terrain is going to have on our racing legs come Spring Racing League.

Last week was my first 2 Oceans Half Marathon. It was a late substitution from my mom’s entry. It was more for the experience of running with Munier and Junaid (2 of my brothers) that I entered. It was a very enjoyable run. About 20 000 entrants, one of the biggest half marathons. I managed 2h28, but more importantly I was surprised by being able to run the whole way.

The most enjoyable part of the trail running, is to get into the forest and mountain in the early fresh hours of the morning and experiencing all it has to offer.

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