Monday, 6 February 2012

Roller Coaster Week

From my PMC below, my blue fitness line has been dropping (A), together with my weekly Energy Output (C) , this is not a desired trend line for me in the run up to the Argus Cycle Tour.

With 5 Weeks to the Argus Cycle Tour, my training strategy now is to pick up the Duration and Intensity for the next 3 weeks, followed by 2 weeks for peak and taper. Due to other commitments Monday and Tuesday were going to be non- training days, which meant that my planned 10hr training week would run from Wed to Sun. As can be seen from (B) and (D) I put in 11hr for the week and the trend is reversed.

Wed night’s criterium was again setup to be a challenge with a 35kph strong southerly wind. Whilst unpacking the bike I had resolved to the same strategy as last week, be prepared to be dropped on numerous occasions, and focus on riding against the power meter. As the results for the session will testify my CP60 increased by 3W. The cherry on top were the competitive laps between Shaheed and I. We would sit together most of the way around the track, each taking a turn to battle the wind and provide the other with a wheel to recover on. On the final stretch to the finish line, we would increase the pace to a sprint for the line. Great Fun, and a Great Workout !!!

This week also marked Faridah and my decision to take a week’s break in Knysna, the first week of July, for the Oyster Festival. This will provide for some great Winter training goals, 100km cycle race, a trail run, and a half marathon. This means that post the Argus Cycle Tour I will be including running in my training programme, a fantastic winter cross training opportunity. I even this week managed to score a pair of trail running shoes on Sale.

The weather on Sunday morning for the Roller Coaster Cycling race was superb. Wind and morning temperatures were calm and one of those beautiful cycling mornings.

I improved on last year’s time by 9 minutes. My power output was fairly consistant close to threshold, and I rode a well balanced race, with good legs on the last climb and the last 5km. My race position was 50/62 so it was a very good training week.

Let’s Ride

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